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Name: Rajat Pradhan

Profile: DevOps/SRE Consultant

Email: N/A

Phone: N/A


DevOps 75%
SRE 75%
Observability 85%
Cloud 60%
Containers 80%
Pipelines 75%
Linux 70%
Open-Source 50%
Scripting 60%
UI/UX 30%

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About me

I love solving problems for applications running at a scale, with modern DevOps concepts and tools. I create solutions, maintain, and scale them for customers who are looking to improve their current processes or implement the DevOps processes from beginning. I can provide solutions using leading enterprise as well as Open-Source offerings.

DevOps is a broad concept combining solutions ranging from small to planet-scale architectures. If implemented properly for required areas, it can create wonders.

I have 11+ years of demonstrated experience along with a passion for DevOps. I've had the privilege to work for many wonderful customers, build scalable complex solutions, keep myself updated on the latest from the industry and most importantly, learn from my mistakes, gain knowledge, and use it to the advantage for my customers.

Technical Capabilities:
- I specialise in Enterprise Monitoring & Observability
- Solutions using industry leading enterprise tools and open-source options
- Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery
- Package & Source-Code Management
- Infrastructure as a Code
- Containerisation & Orchestration using leading platforms
- Automation
- Industry leading Public and Private Cloud solutions

Leadership Traits:
- I’m a team player and I win by helping others win
- Customer centric actions with a keen eye for areas of improvement
- Experienced Team and Technical Leader
- I’m consistent under pressure and deliver world-class solutions for my customers

I always enjoy a good chat with people and listen to their stories and ideas. I also talk about DevOps, IT-trends, astronomy, science, travel, movies & all things tech on my twitter & blog.

Use the Contact option on this website to reach out to me for opportunities, technical discussions, paid consulting, and freelancing.

Thank you for dropping by.


Freelancing, Paid Consulting and Technical Discussions.

DevOps & SRE

Solutions in the areas of CI/CD, package & source code management, IaaS, containers & orchestration.

Observability & Monitoring

End-to-end Observability solutions for on-prem & cloud solutions. Unified views for combined Logging, Monitoring & Tracing with automation for healing and preventive measures.

Cloud Solutions

Solutions based on public clouds like Azure, AWS etc and hybrid or private clouds.

Automation & Improvements

Automation and process improvements on various areas like infrastructure, application services & cloud.

Architectures & Solutions

Technical Architectures, design and solutioning on devops, SRE & observability areas.

Web & UI/UX Development

Websites, online portfolio & landing page, content creation, blogging service & web design.


More than

More than





Global Referral Service

DevOps/SRE, Observability / Sep 2019 Onwards

Applications Operations Center (AOC)

DevOps, Observability / Nov 2018 - Aug 2019

Global Network Operations Center (GNOC)

DevOps, Network & Observability / May 2018 - Oct 2018

Chai Ka Thekka

Web, UI/UX, Social Media / Sep 2018 - Jan 2019

One-Shell Multi-Media Services (MMS)

DevOps, Operations / Jun 2017 - Apr 2018

Openweb Web Content Management (WCM)

DevOps, Content Management / Nov 2015 - May 2017

Web Experience Management (WEM)

DevOps, Content Management / Mar 2014 - Oct 2015

Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Unix, Operations, Content Management / Sep 2011 - Feb 2014

Database Management & Support Systems

Unix, DB Management / Jan 2011 - Aug 2011


Open source, private projects & non-profits I support.


White Papers

White-papers, designs and architectures on various areas (upcoming)


I blog about technology, science and anything that interests me. Below are few places I can be found around the web.

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devops, cloud & tech


See posts (upcoming)

devops, cloud & tech

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poetry & stories