Applications Operations Center (AOC)

Project Information

  • Category: DevOps, Observability & Operations
  • Client: Shell plc
  • Role: DevOps Consultant (Technical Lead)
  • Project Date: Nov 2018 - Aug 2019
  • Project URL: NA

Project Details

- Application Operations Centre (AOC) is designed for bringing Observability, Monitoring, Automation and Predictability into a single pane of glass.
- Shell has several services which were included as part of AOC monitoring platform.
- The purpose of AOC is to monitor end-to-end metrics and logs for numerous services and present all critical information on the dashboards. Along with this, AOC also alerts all dev and support teams on all issues, updates, and provides auto-healing functionality for critical components.
- AOC is also integrated with ticketing tools like ServiceNow for automating the incident creation for known issues and automation triggers.
- I worked as the technical lead for monitoring and observability integration with AOC.
- We used multiple DBs for storing data for both short-term and long-term scenarios.
- We have also used Ansible, Shell Scripts, Python for automation and auto-healing workflows.
- For data storage and indexing we used ElasticSearch and other related components under ELK stack.
- For the visualization of all relevant information and dashboards we used Grafana as our primary tool.
- The project is now being adopted by other clients under the organization for observability and predictive monitoring.

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