One-Shell Multi-Media Services (MMS)

Project Information

  • Category: DevOps, Unix, & Operations
  • Client: Shell plc
  • Role: DevOps Consultant
  • Project Date: Jun 2017 - Apr 2018
  • Project URL: NA

Project Details

- One-Shell multi-media services focussed on optimising the existing Shell applications with new processes, DevOps tools and automation.
- I worked as a Technical-Lead for the India team and we focussed on optimising several processes like CI/CD pipelines, infrastructure optimisation, auto-healing of application services etc.
- We did the set-up for end-to-end monitoring and alerting for applications as well as infrastructure using ELK stack.
- We also introduced multiple improvements to caching mechanism for the requests being handled by our servers on application level as well as on CDN level.
- We used tools like ELK stack, Kibana, Ansible, shell-Scripts, CI/CD, Jenkins and other related DevOps tools.

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