Chai Ka Thekka is your new hangout destination. Aromatic tea, coffee and different flvoured beverages along with mouth watering snacks range like Sandwiches and Fusion-Maggi make this a perfect unwind space for everyone.

Discover Tea, Iced Tea, Coffee and it's many flavours.

Tea, Coffee and it's aromatic fusion flavours.

Choose from our range of flavourful and aromatic tea and coffee prepared by our chefs. Some of the must-trys include Thekke di Chai, Jodha-Akbar Chai, Kashmir ka Kahwa, Peach Flavoured Iced Tea, Fizzare Hazelnut Coffee and many more..

Discover Sandwiches and Fusion-Maggi.


Sandwiches, Fusion-Maggi and a lot more to explore.

Discover our wide rage of Sandwiches and Fusion-Maggi. Fusion items like Shahi Tandoori Sandwich and Oriental Spiced Firey-Meggsta are a must-try..

At Chai Ka Thekka, we try to re-invent traditional recipes, new ways of creating fusion recipes and present them with fresh and new ingredients.

The idea to create something unique like this and to re-invent the classic recipes originated from people with a common interest, the love for food.

And it’s not only about the food and drinks, Chai ka Thekka is a place to hang out and create a community of people sharing common interests and ideas.

Our signature and must-try recipes are fresh, new and being worked upon for continuous improvements and to bring new fusions for our customers.

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Our Menu

Discover our range of Tea, Coffee, Faloured Milk and Snacks